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Key West Online utilizes the latest in Open Source technologies to provide low-cost, professional web services. From the operating system, to the web server and scripting languages, Key West Online utilizes proven Open Source technologies whenever they are available.

Red Hat Linux
Linux, an Open Source operating system, was developed as a flavor of Unix. Red Hat is the most popular Linux distribution.

The most popular web server in the world, Apache is used by more than 63% of web sites (netcraft.com). Apache is the industry standard for relaibly delivering billions of web pages around the world.

PHP is a powerful Open Source scripting language that can be embedded into HTML to make web sites more dynamic. As of October 2002, PHP is the most popular module available for the Apache web server.

MySQL, the most popular Open Source database, is designed for speed and flexibility. MySQL is perfect for data housing and eCommerce applications.


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